Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The messenger was too handsome.  A middle-school girl's idea
of a modern day Heathcliff.  The birdcage was open, white and
glinting in the midday Sun, like beautiful American teeth.  She
is enamored with his easygoing manner. They embrace waltzing
into her diary-hidden dreams.  It's a fact: a diet of  fruit, eggs and
salad is enough to sustain a young girl.  And Bhrowen is ethereally
pretty now, her hair so long and shiny.  Her friends are jealous.
At midnight he bathes her in their lake, and makes {whispery} love
to her as she trembles into womanhood.




  1. My take on a modern-day fairy tale.

  2. A very good take at that! The teeth analogy made me Brits do not have fairytale teeth (well maybe those of the ogres and trolls)..beautifully and succinctly done..


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