Sunday, August 18, 2013

Slip-Away Heart

dream of years of acceptance, a tribute to
my heart, nestled in too many rejections
a heart sliping away

in tiny degrees of shame;
i unbutton my flea market cotton dress &
make love to the cool kitchen floor

that begs my heart to stay.

{Background Song - I Will Answer You, by Sarah Mc.}



  1. "She dreams of years of acceptance" opens my heart. "Nestled in too many rejections" does too.

    When I first saw "No Comments" in the same font as your poem, I thought you meant you wanted no comments. Maybe you could leave off the word no.

  2. Thank you, Sabra for your comments. And OMgosh, it does look that way! I have to try and change that. Because I love comments.

  3. I seems that heart of yours however many times rejected, has never been broken...

  4. It seems the majority of poets today have taken a similar path... This is a very desolate poem, in my opinion, and one that I like very much.

  5. Hi StanSki We all are bent into painful shapes - however we must
    move on to the next love. Ty.

  6. Hi Mariya, I noticed each poem appears to center around the heart. Ty.


Love to read your positve-heartfelt thoughts.