Sunday, August 4, 2013

Much Madness is Divinest Sense*

How does one resist love's gravity?
This delicate pull that steals the heart.
A taste of his salty lips and he dominates me.
How does one resist love's gravity.

A mere shadow of his desire is bread to my soul.
He clears my landscape with hands husbandly bold.

His voice coaxs a sense of calm, I shall never flee.
How does one resist love's gravity?
This delicate pull that steals my breath.



*{ Emily D.}


  1. Most of us don't resist and many find other than the joy you express. Like the bold hands imagery, and your question is a good one.

    Am familiar with the Dickenson quote, but I don't believe she titled her poems. Most of them are numbered by publisher.

  2. What an interesting and lovely comment, Elizabeth. Thank you. Yes, I realize Emily did not title her poem, opting to number her poems
    instead. However, I use the most recognizable line and * it as the title as opposed to using the word quote. Thank you!

  3. This is so observant, especially the 'hands husbandly bold' which reflects the confidence in one's lover.

  4. That phrase just wanted to be written down. :] TY!

  5. This one has immense romance in its shell. Nice imagery. :)


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